Most Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

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The kitchen is the soul of your home. It is one of the most important and busiest sections. Therefore, the kitchen needs proper maintenance and updates. Renovation is a vital step towards upgrading your kitchen and improving its functionality for your convenience. 

Renovation doesn’t mean adding new lights or repositioning the countertop. It requires proper planning and execution. Remodeling your kitchen takes a lot of time. Hence you make sure that it’s worth putting in. So, before you start, here are the most common kitchen renovation mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Prioritizing The Ventilation

People plan their living rooms such that all-natural light flows in, but they keep the kitchen dim and deprived of proper ventilation. As the kitchen is the space where you spend a substantial amount of time in a day, it’s essential that it is well lit and has pleasant views. Therefore, like any other part of the house, the kitchen deserves natural light too. 

Wasting A Lot of Space

While your kitchen shouldn’t be very compact and congested, it shouldn’t waste space as well. A large and spacious kitchen is considered luxurious, but you have to make sure that it is not taking excessive space that you can utilize for other parts of the house. Therefore, you should plan your kitchen such that everything is accessible to you, and you don’t have to walk around too much while you cook.  

No Sufficient Storage

Try to have a good storage plan for your kitchen right from the beginning. Coming up with storage ideas once the construction has started will cause you a lot of inconveniences. Make sure that you have a great storage plan. It ensures that renovation happens exactly the way you want if one of the main reasons for renovation was lack of storage. 

Getting Oversized Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is an attraction of the kitchen, but a large island will take a lot of space and make it harder for you to walk around. Instead of having an oversized kitchen island, you can split it into two parts. It will not only enable you to access your items conveniently but also will optimize the space well. Also, cluttering everything on an oversized kitchen island will make it look chaotic. 

Merging The Kitchen Into the Living Room

Combining the kitchen and the living room may make your place look spacious, but it has several disadvantages. Several sounds in the kitchen, such as chimney noise, and refrigerator will distract you and your guests in the living room. Also, you have to ensure that the open kitchen integrated with the living space is pretty clean all the time.

When you decide to renovate the most crucial part of the house, you should have clear expectations, a solid plan, and a proper execution strategy. Being careful about common slips, in the beginning, will save you from a lot of inconvenience in the future. Make sure you do adequate research and hire a reliable home renovation company to make things easier. 


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